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yo! im Vista. welcome to xpvm.net. have a good day!

★ Message Board! ★

I added geocities style advertisements to the home page, made by ME! i made all the ads and they dont actually do anything - Vista

im probably going to set up a subdomain and use wordpress or something for this message board. i have to manually add the text into my website... i cant add images and gifs either without making them really small, so expect to see a message board button soon that leads to a subdomain. - Vista

CountAPI broke so dont expect to know when im live or how many people have visited until i find an alternative to CountAPI d: - Vista

★ Other Projects ★





Added Geocities Style Ads to the home screen


Added an icon you can drag around, although going too fast breaks it


Redesigned Home page! (there is a taskbar, you need to go into full screen)